Ukraine Update for Prayer.

February 27th, 2022 | TJCII Blog

To our TJCII family: Ukraine update for prayer.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine extends to believers in Yeshua connected by a chat group. One’s loyalty to country may even supersede a call to pray. This is the case from the excerpt below.

A brother (in Yeshua) from Russia wrote in response to a call to pray for Ukraine that “he has relatives in Ukraine and he wants to visit them, but Ukraine is not free, and now that Russia has captured it, it becomes free!”

In response, I wrote, “Ukraine today is free like never before! The Word of God is freely preached In Ukraine today like nowhere else in the former USSR! Today, believers in Ukraine pray that Ukraine remains a peaceful and free country, and we don’t need the “freedom” that is offered to us through violence and blood!” In response, there were many messages with “Amen!”.

Messianic Jews in Ukraine are still trying to meet together for Shabbat.

“Yesterday we were able to hold a congregation service, by changing its time from evening to afternoon, and it came from God! Since a curfew was soon established. It was the first time ever, the brothers and sisters attended without delay. We prayed for peace, and the end to the war, and for the Russian army to run home. Also, for the panic and fear in the Russian army and their only desire to get home as soon as possible! There was a strong presence of God during the service.”

“The pastor of another Messianic congregation testified that a young man caring for his daughter had prayed a prayer of repentance and accepted Yeshua the Messiah as his Lord! The new believer has immediately begun to testify about the Lord. Hallelujah! It was very strong!”

“A worship leader, testified how she and her husband had prayed for peace and the end to the war in Ukraine in the presence of unbelievers. One unbelieving man started then to appeal loudly to God and ask Him for forgiveness and help.”

Yeshua continues to live and grow in the hearts of those who follow Yeshua and the word of the LORD is spreading in a war-torn country. I continue to call our TJCII family to prayer. Please pray for peace and for the people who are suffering. May the G0D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob draw many near to Himself in Yeshua.