Meeting with TJCII Mexico

August 19th, 2021 | TJCII Blog

TJCII International Leadership Council member Dr. Dan Juster has a fruitful visit with TJCII Mexico and local pastors.

Report from TJCII Mexico:
“Stomping Grounds with Dr. Daniel Juster”


Everything started with the news that Dr. Daniel & Patty Juster were coming to town. If you are anywhere in the U.S or Israel this might not be a big deal — they are frequent visitors and residents there. However, in this case we are talking about Los Cabos, Mexico, not the most traveled place for the Justers!

An idea was born: a what if, a maybe, a perhaps. Annabella, an active part of TJCII Mexico and a board member of TJCII International, had the thought of hosting an in-person gathering of a small group of pastors and Christians so Dr. Daniel Juster could introduce the vision of TJCII to them. She brought this idea to our bi-weekly Zoom meeting, and we started to pray about it. The main challenge was for Annabella navigating the preparations alone, since the rest of the TJCII Mexico team is scattered in different parts of Mexico and in the U.S.

We prayed, gave ideas, and prayed. We debated over more ideas, joined in more prayers, and sought wisdom for how to move forward. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to change our original strategy. Suddenly, the in-person coffee gathering with Dr. Daniel Juster expanded to also include online teaching via Zoom and Facebook Live for all who wanted to join. This caused a freedom to meet without health restrictions or worries, with no geographical limitations or extra expenses.

Amazingly, the Lord opened the door for almost all the members of TJCII Mexico, including Pastors Agustin & Sara Enriquez, Coordinators of TJCII Mexico, to travel to Los Cabos for this event. Prayers were prayed, invitations were made, publicity took place, help was asked and the gathering began to take shape.

The day arrived and many of us finally met in person with Dr. Daniel & Patty Juster. All the logistics were ready for the online teaching, along with all the challenges technology brings!  We were nervous and excited at the same time and very hopeful for a good turnout. The Lord surpassed all our expectations, as only His mercy always does. The day of the event a 100 + people connected on both platforms. Since then, close to 300 people have reproduced the video of the teaching that was uploaded to the Facebook page of TJCII Mexico. After this process and event, we are excited to have two significant results: the vision and purpose of TJCII was shared for Spanish speakers in Mexico and TJCII Mexico was reactivated and is ready for the next assignment from the Lord. Glory to the name of Yeshua.