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November 15, 2018 TJCII

We are very pleased to have a contingent of important Toward Jerusalem Council II supporters in Israel.  Several years ago, the death of Ilan Zamir, our co-chairman, Israeli leader and head of the Israel College of the Bible, was a great blow to TJCII since he had such great favor in the Land. 
In addition to the four members of the International Council, myself, Benjamin Berger, Marcel Rebiai, Avi Mizrachi, we have a growing number of Israeli Committee Members committed to this effort.  We also lost the involvement of David Rudolph from Gateways Beyond who has moved back to the USA.
However, one of the great difficulties in moving TJCII forward in Israel has been the challenge of scheduling time to accomplish TJCII tasks.  The coming of Bracha from Dallas has made a great difference.  She has arranged regular prayer meetings, and has helped immensely with communication.   Therefore, when we host Israeli gatherings, attendance has greatly improved over past years.  She has also provided us with an office and a conference room.  We now have a place to meet people from the nations who seek to connect with TJCII in Israel. 
In an effort to increase Israeli support and involvement with TJCII we are planning two meetings with Israeli leaders during October.  We do have other Israelis involved with TJCII who are not on the International Leadership Council (ILC) which is very important.  We also have two new observers who will attend our ILC meetings in Jerusalem, one Arab Christian and one Messianic Jewish scholar who oversees a congregation in Israel.
One of the greatest strengths of TJCII is that we embrace the Church in a very broad way, from Historic Churches, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Charismatics of various streams.  The standard for who is embraced in the church world is that they affirm the historic confessions of Christianity.   Yet this strength is sometimes a hindrance to our support in Israel since a contingent of leaders here only identify with the Evangelical world and have little or no regard for the historic churches.  Without compromising our core values we continue to pray for and dialogue with as many Israeli leaders as possible.
We do pray that the support for TJCII in the Land of Israel continues to grow.  We are also thankful for the Messianic Jewish Communities in the United States, South America, Europe, and Ukraine who support the TJCII effort.

By: Dr. Daniel Juster

Dr. Daniel Juster is one of the original council members of the TJCII initiative.  He has been a leader in the Messianic Jewish Movement since 1972.   He was the first President and later General Secretary of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (1979-1988), and now oversees a network of congregations in the United States and helps with the work of congregational networks in Israel.




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