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TJCII is a Bridge to the Christian World

TJCII is a Bridge to the Christian World
November 15, 2018 TJCII


Early in Church history, Gentile believers disconnected from their foundations in the Jewish world. Paul’s teaching from Romans 11:17ff gave way to Marcion’s ideas, as the early Church fathers paved the way for a divorce from Yeshua’s flesh and blood family.  (The premise of Marcionism is that many of the teachings of Christ are incompatible with the actions of the G0d of the Old Testament.) Unfortunately, for the great majority of this history, the Jewish world has been minimized, victimized and treated with disdain. 

TJCII comes at a time in history when the possibilities of reconciliation and restoration with many wings of the Christian world exist.

TJCII is a bridge to the Christian world for moving towards a Biblical and correct understanding of the importance of Israel and the Jewish people today.

For the Messianic Jewish world, TJCII offers the opportunity to link up with the larger Christian world via reconciliation and true fellowship. The entire thrust of TJCII is timely. 

Today apathy towards Israel and the Jewish people pervades the Christian Church.  Replacement theological beliefs are common, and dislike of Israel based upon poor biblical reading is widespread. TJCII can address these areas while affording opportunity to those who will hear, to respond in kind. 

For the nation of Israel, for the Jewish people, for the Messianic Jewish world and for the integrity of the message of the Scripture, TJCII is a valuable vehicle.

By a Professor in Jerusalem





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