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TJCII in the Netherlands

TJCII in the Netherlands
November 15, 2018 TJCII

TJCII in the Netherlands is in a period of changes and new beginnings. We have functioned in the same setting for over 13 years with a small but steady growth.
We have built good and important relationships with some Israeli ministries and in other countries in Europe.  We have a web-site, a National Committee, a prayer group and a theological working group. Our co-workers are from different denominations, some are Messianic Jews.
We had the Communiqué translated to Dutch and have formatted it for the Dutch, German and French Communiqués.  In 2010, we began publishing the monthly European Newsletter which lists the TJCII activities for the upcoming month in the different countries in Europe.
We are now in a season where long term workers say goodbye for different reasons and new people express the desire to get more involved. This is both exciting and challenging. In the past year, we had several meetings where we invested in teaching the vision of TJCII (largely based on the Curriculum) and in building relationships.
We will host two big events:  

    • November 2018: Eyal Friedman will be with us for a long weekend.  This event will include two regional Open Days, a meeting with a Roman Catholic auxiliary Bishop and a NOW Generation meeting.
  • May 2019: Open Weekend with Rabbi Marty Waldman and Bracha. This weekend event will be in English which will be translated to Dutch so people from other countries can join in. 

We are planning to restructure our organization including the intercession group and communication with our supporters since the Communiqué no longer exists.
Even though the NOW Generation in the Netherlands has been almost non-existent, we have new people in the age group who are interested in being part of it.  We also have good contacts with other young people with a heart and ministry for Israel.

We hope the meeting this November with Eyal Friedman will be a starting point.

By: Rene & Paula

Rene is the National Director of TJCII in the Netherlands.  Paula is the primary leader of the NOW Generation in the Netherlands and one of the leaders in Europe NOW Generation.  She is also part of the TJCII national committee leadership.

Rene I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family where faith was expressed as tradition.  At age 35, I changed my name (René = reborn) and with that received a love for Israel.  My wife, Ans and I have been married for 30 years and share a big love for Israel.

We met Peter Hocken in Italy in 2003.  After hearing our story, he sent us an invitation for the next TJCII consultation in 2004 held in Vienna, where I accepted the responsibility of a national coordinator.

Paula:  I grew up Catholic within the charismatic renewal and have always had a personal relationship with the Lord.  From a young age I have had a love for Israel and have been blessed by the richness of the diversity in the Body.

In addition to my work for TJCII, I am a Hebrew tutor. I also serve on the worship team of the Netherlands’ Catholic charismatic renewal and strive to bring the God-desired connection to Israel.




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