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TJCII in Brazil

TJCII in Brazil
November 29, 2018 TJCII

Our first TJCII conference in Brazil was held on November 2-4 in Sorocaba, São Paulo.  We had an average of 90 participants for the three days, with several others coming from nearby areas to spend just one day. Two people from a Messianic community in Curitiba, PR, Rabbi Marcelo Guimarães from Belo and Pedro Soto, a Messianic leader we met last year from Santiago, Chile, came and spoke. The national Maoz Israel director for Brazil gave a short presentation of their ministry. He is receptive to working together with TJCII in Brazil, as our message and goals are very similar.

The program was quite varied: solid teaching from the Word in the morning sessions, to give a scriptural basis for the TJCII vision, showing what Replacement Theology teaches, and how to answer their basic premises. In the afternoon sessions, there were several testimonies given by participants, as well as helpful reports from leaders, including Sister Adola and Rabbi Marcelo.

Special emphasis was given to our follow-up to the conference with practical steps for all participants from different locations.

There was a special visitation of the Spirit on our last meeting, as we made the invitation for people to respond to the Lord’s call, and offer themselves to be TJCII partners in any way He should show them. Sister Adola felt in the Spirit that the LORD was gathering all of us into His arms and them sending us forth.

We are so thankful for all the prayers covering this conference. Thank you!

By: Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker, 66, was born in the U.S. and has lived in Brazil since 1964. Together with his father, John Walker, and brother, Harold Walker, he has been involved in a national, nondenominational literature ministry since 1974 called “Impacto” (Impact) that has spread the vision of restoration and preparation for the Second Coming of Christ and made a strong impact on many who are leaders of the Church in Brazil to this day.

After making connections with Rabbi Marcelo Guimarães and his Messianic ministry Ensinando de Sião, Marcelo invited Christopher to take over the TJCII leadership in Brazil. The invitation was a clear direction from the Lord for a new phase of ministry and confirmation of the vision he had received many years earlier. Christopher and his wife Maristela have three children and two grandchildren.





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