Three Pillars

Pillar 1: Intercession

Intercession is foundational for the success of TJCII. Intercession is a form of prayer wherein the intercessors identify closely with those for whom they pray for.


  • TJCII intercessors pray for reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles.
  • We pray for the healing and restoration of Christians and Jewish followers of Yeshua (Jesus), especially within Messianic Judaism.
  • We pray for a second Council of Jerusalem in preparation for the return of Yeshua (Jesus) to earth.
  • We intercede for the TJCII leadership and initiatives.

Pillar 2: Diplomatic Journeys

An essential part of the strategy for sharing the TJCII vision and growing the movement are diplomatic journeys.

Diplomatic journeys are led by members of the TJCII Executive and the International Leadership Council. Their purpose is to lay the foundation for the development of the TJCII network by meeting with senior and middle level leaders, potential intercessors and the NOW generation in a particular nation or region.

This leads to consultations, conferences, the development of TJCII intercessory prayer groups and recruiting the next generation of TJCII leaders.

Diplomatic journeys have been conducted to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. They have contributed to growing TJCII from a small group of twelve individuals to a global movement.

Pillar 3: Consultations

Consultations are key to advancing the vision of TJCII on a global scale.


  • Consultations are gatherings at various locations around the globe that offer learning opportunities and exposure to the TJCII vision with a broader audience.
  • Consultations are vital because they allow TJCII the occasion to reach a greater number of Christians and Messianic Jewish leaders who will directly hear from the leadership of TJCII.
  • These convenings offer opportunities for further involvement in TJCII. The synergistic energy of Jewish and Gentile believers being bound together by the Messiah proves to be an essential forward-looking element to the return of Yeshua (Jesus).