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7-Day Challenge

We invite you on a 7-day journey to delve deeper into the TJCII vision. We know there is a lot to learn and understand, and we know that time is precious. We have focused on resources.

  • For 7 days, you will receive one email which will further your understanding of reconciliation between Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus, the Church’s relationship to Israel, and the restoration of the Jewish segments of the Body of Messiah.
  • These emails will also include suggestions for readings, videos, observations, and ways to form and deepen community connections.
  • We think understanding repentance and reconciliation between the Jewish and Gentile segments of the Church is a powerful lens into the complexities of unity within the Body of Messiah, so we’ve focused our resources on that specific issue.

In the scriptures, the number seven is often connected to the ideas of renewal and holiness. We pray that as you explore these resources over a 7-day period that you would come to understand a new dimension of God’s holiness and be encouraged that you can be a part of the vital transformation that is occurring in the Body of Messiah today.

Sign the 7 Affirmations

Signing the 7 Affirmations is acknowledging your personal commitment, or if you are signing on behalf of a church or denomination, that you are committed to the 7 Affirmations stated below.

The seven affirmations statement for church bodies to affirm the messianic Jewish movement.

Consistent with the principle established in the original Jerusalem Council of Acts Chapter 15 regarding respect for diversity in the Body of Christ concerning Jewish and Gentile identity, we do make the following affirmations:

We affirm the election of Israel, its irrevocable nature and God’s unfinished work with the Jewish people regarding salvation and the role of Israel as a blessing to the nations.

We affirm that Jews who come to faith in the Messiah, Jesus, are called to retain their Jewish identity and live as part of their people in ways consistent with the New Covenant.

We affirm the formation of Messianic Jewish congregations as a significant and effective way to express Jewish collective identity (in Jesus) and as a means of witnessing to Jesus before the Jewish community. We also affirm Jewish individuals and groups that are part of churches and encourage them in their commitment to Jewish life and identity.

We affirm our willingness as an ecclesiastical body to build bridges to the Messianic Jewish community; to extend the hand of friendship and to pray for their growth and vitality.

We affirm our willingness to share our resources with Messianic Jewish congregations, mission organizations and theological training institutes so as to empower them to fulfill their God-given purpose.

We affirm our willingness to be a voice within our own ecclesiastical structures and spheres of influence against all forms of anti-Semitism, replacement theology (supersessionism) and teaching that precludes the expression of Jewish identity in Jesus.

Finally, we affirm that as Jewish and Gentile expressions of life in Jesus grow organically side by side with distinct identities that God will be glorified; that the Kingdom of Heaven will be advanced and that the vision of “the one new man” in Ephesians 2 will unfold as part of the original Abrahamic blessing to the nations.

Intercessory Prayer

The single focus of TJCII is related to the vision to reach all representative bodies of Messianic Judaism and every Christian Church and community.

  • No other Israel related initiative has and seeks the support of leaders from such a range of representation within the Body of Messiah. This breadth is at the heart of the TJCII vision for which it is fundamental that all Christian bodies repudiate the historic rejection of the Jewish people and so contribute to healing the wounds of history to the “one body”.
  • For these reasons, it is also necessary that all TJCII intercessors be open to praying with fellow followers of Jesus from all participating churches and communities.
  • TJCII is supported by global groups of intercessory prayer partners who pray for the single-focus of TJCII.

Find out how YOU can be an Intercessor.