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Welcome to our TJCII Newsletters and Blog Postings Archive. Here you will find pdf’s of previous TJCII physical Newsletters, eNewsletters, and Blog Postings. Enjoy!
Current Blog Postings

“One New Man” Documentary by Rabbit Trail Productions

TJCII is in the midst of a variety of projects to expand our reach and help further our mission of reconciliation including this documentary entitled "One New Man," put together by Dallas-based Rabbit Trail Productions. The film focuses on answering the big questions...

Yom HaShoah by Danielah Castellini

Yom HaShoah from the desk of Danielah Castellini Yesterday was Yom HaShoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Every year, Jewish communities relive the pain of their deep loss on this day with the knowledge that if we do not remember, we are bound to forget. This is...

Passover by Danielah Castellini

A few weeks ago, my husband and I uprooted multiple bushes in our front yard and in their place planted a series of rosebushes and flowers. I have enjoyed being greeted by tiny shoots of new growth on each of our new plants each morning when I leave the house. As we...

Testimony from Eli Dorfman

Testimony by Eli Dorman I was born in 1976 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I grew up with a strong Jewish identity due to my grandfather who was among the few who kept Jewish tradition, attended synagogue, and celebrated Jewish feasts even at the time of the communist...

Purim by Danielah Castellini

Purim is a time of celebration, joy and remembrance of what God did for the Jewish people in sparing their lives through Esther. As we celebrate Purim this year considering all that is going on in the world, I cannot help but think that perhaps we celebrate this...

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TJCII Booklets and Papers

In this section you will find downloads for popular TJCII booklets and papers, including the TJCII vision Document under Booklets

The Tragedy of Replacement Theology by Daniel C. Juster

The Tragedy of Replacement Theology by Daniel C. Juster illuminates the following topics: The Origins of Replacement Theology The Interpretive Key in Replacement Theology How to Read the Hebrew Bible How to Read the New Testament Concerning Israel The Rediscovery of...

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