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TJCII Newsletters and TJCII Blog Postings

Welcome to our TJCII Newsletters and Blog Postings Archive. Here you will find pdf’s of previous TJCII physical Newsletters, eNewsletters, and Blog Postings. Enjoy!
Current Blog Postings

Interview with Africa

This week TJCII leadership traveled to Kenya for the TJCII Africa Conference. In the video, TJCII Executive Director, Rabbi Marty Waldman, sits with Bishop Julius and Brian Cox to discuss the mission of TJCII from an Anglican perspective. Please continue to pray for...

A New Way to Support TJCII!

TJCII is blessed to have many wonderful supporters who believe in the vision and work of the organization. It is through the generosity of people such as yourself that we are able to continue expanding globally and fund various projects. Recently, a new opportunity...

The TJCII 2022 Brazil Conference Highlights

TJCII is grateful for an anointed virtual event led by the TJCII Brazil team. Watch the video above for highlights of the event and continue with us in prayer for the seeds planted through the words of the speakers and those who have testimonies of the message of...

Bringing TJCII to Pastors in Mexico City

Pastor Agustin shares about God bringing the vision of TJCII to Pastors in Mexico City. Please be in prayer for Rabbi Marty and these pastors this weekend as God shares through Rabbi Marty His heart for repentance and reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles.

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TJCII Booklets and Papers

In this section you will find downloads for popular TJCII booklets and papers, including the TJCII vision Document under Booklets

The Tragedy of Replacement Theology by Daniel C. Juster

The Tragedy of Replacement Theology by Daniel C. Juster illuminates the following topics: The Origins of Replacement Theology The Interpretive Key in Replacement Theology How to Read the Hebrew Bible How to Read the New Testament Concerning Israel The Rediscovery of...

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Formation Center Classes

A Formation Center creates and manage TJCII classes for believers across the globe.

For a list of class offerings coming later this year and their description, contact the Formation Center here.