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TJCII NOW Generation

"For if their rejection be the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead."


The NOW Generation LIVES the vision opposed to just talking about it.


True Christians will stand with Israel, regardless of how their nation aligns politically.


Rabbi Shaul said that Yeshua paid the price to unite Gentiles with Jews, “He Himself is our shalom – He has made us both one.”

Often referred to as “the next generation of TJCII,” we really are, in every respect, the generation of NOW. With a firm commitment to reconciliation and unity, the NOW Generation is dedicated to the TJCII mission of “Unifying Jews and Gentiles for the return of Yeshua!”  We are particularly active in Europe but have hopes of adding to our ranks from every region of the globe. We want our enthusiasm for the work and vision of TJCII to be contagious.

The NOW Generation has been meeting in Israel and Europe since 2008 but just recently we held our first TJCII initiative or consultation in February of 2012 in a beautiful resort hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia. Jewish and Gentile believers, ranging in age from 20-40 years old, gathered from all over Europe. More than 60 people from 15 countries attended, many traveling over 15 hours!

We attempted to answer these questions:

What has Israel to do with the unity of the Church?

What is the Holy Spirit doing in our days?

How can we be part of the preparation of the wedding feast of the Lamb?

Rabbi Marty Waldman (via SKYPE) told how G-d had originally shared the vision of TJCII with him, making it clear to us how unique TJCII is and how close to the heart of G-d! Father Peter Hocken challenged us about the need of repentance and unity and several Jewish believers shared from their perspectives.

We continue to participate in TJCII events in the United States, throughout Europe and Israel. We are watching, with the rest of our brothers and sisters in Messiah, as the L-rd unfolds His timing and plan for the complete restoration of the Jewish people and Yeshua’s return!