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TJCII North America

Adonai says, "Isra'el is my firstborn son."


The TJCII International Headquarters is in the United States. Our offices are in Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue, Dallas, Texas where ILC General Secretary, Marty Waldman, serves as Rabbi. 


The Messianic Jewish movement owes a great deal to evangelicalism as it is manifested within many Christian denominations.  Particularly in North America, these Christians were used by the Lord to bring many Jewish people to faith in Yeshua (Jesus).


A key distinctive of those espousing the vision of Messianic Judaism was the establishment of Messianic congregations or synagogues.

In the United States is the home of the TJCII International headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is where Rabbi Marty Waldman serves the Messianic congregation, Baruch HaShem.  Dallas is also the home of Dave and Raquel Pyles, the Coordinators of the International Intercession Initiative.

Rabbi Marty first received the TJCII Vision from the L-rd over 18 years ago.

Very quickly following this, the L-rd orchestrated connections with him and other leaders from around the world who carried a similar vision in their hearts-these men included both Jews and Gentiles believers and would eventually form the TJCII International Leadership.

In California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas, there are groups of TJCII Intercessors and members of the TJCII North American Council. The most recent TJCII event was in Texas where a Reception Update was held. Nearly 250 people attended and were the first to hear about Rabbi Marty and other members of the Executive Board’s time in Brazil and Argentina where there was a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit through repentance and reconciliation. Over 100 people at the Reception responded to the call to be involved in the work of TJCII.

Mexico is the home to many people with a Jewish heritage. But, until recently the Church in Mexico has had few members who have ever heard the testimony of a Messianic Jew. Recently, the L-rd provided a great opportunity for the sharing of the TJCII vision to nearly 150 Mexican Pastors at an annual conference in Puebla. Pastor Agustin Enriquez, of the TJCII North America Committee, was given the opportunity to invite Rabbi Marty Waldman to share the vision by Wayne Myers, a American missionary in Mexico for 63 years. Wayne Myers is recognized as an apostle in Mexico. This was truly a breakthrough for these Pastors, many of whom had never heard of the resurrection of the Messianic Community, nor had they heard the testimony of a Messianic Jew.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was powerful as Rabbi Marty shared his life as a Holocaust survivor, his testimony of faith in Yeshua, and his commitment to the reconciliation of Jew and Gentile within the body of Messiah.

Many Pastors were weeping as they came to grips with the absence of a Jewish voice in the Body of Messiah for nearly 1800 years. Because of a lack of knowledge, they had not embraced the Covenant people of Israel. Doors are open now throughout Mexico to the message of TJCII.