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TJCII Africa

"Blessed be Egypt my people, Ashur the work of my hands and Isra'el my heritage."


Many African Christians consider reconciliation with Israel a precursor to experiencing the fullness of God’s blessings on Africa.


Pray for a continued major revival in nations like Africa that have long been closed.

Historically, the great continent of Africa has seen many Christian revivals. But G-d is doing a new thing in Africa! What began as prophetic word given 12 years ago at an Evangelical Alliance Gathering, has taken hold in the hearts of Christian leaders and has spread across Africa. It was told that there would be a great gathering on a mountain in Kenya where all denominations would meet together. Jews would come to this gathering where great reconciliation would take place.


This was a new concept to many Africans but once Elizabeth Kamau, an intercessor and leader in the Anglican Church, heard about TJCII, she recognized G-d’s direction. Now, she coordinates East Africa for TJCII. Recent trips into Kenya, Ghana and Uganda by TJCII Executives and Israeli Messianic leaders, were very successful. Meetings were held with the Anglican Archbishops of all three countries and with TJCII Intercessors. More meetings are scheduled for Burundi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.