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Annual Dessert Reception

November 3rd, 6:30PM
Museum of Biblical Art
7500 Park Ln
Dallas, Tx 75225

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Guest Speakers

Prince Michael Salm

Prince Michael and his wife Princess Philippa are a part of the House of Salm-Salm. Michael and Philippa are friends of TJCII in Europe, and active within the Catholic church on behalf of the Jewish people. He is a frequent speaker about the dark history of European royalty regarding the Holocaust, and the repentance and strides that have been made since WWII. At the invitation of TJCII International Leadership Council member Fr. Peter Hocken of Austria, Michael will participate in Wittenberg 2017 (TJCII leader, John Dawson is also involved). The Salm’s youngest daughter, Cecily, and son-in-law, Ludwig Benecke, are leaders in TJCII-NOW Generation Europe.

Rabbi Vladimir Pikman

As Executive Director of the largest Messianic Jewish ministry in Germany, Rabbi Pikman oversees outreaches in 16 European countries. He also leads the Messianic congregation in Berlin. Dividing his time between two continents, Vladimir ministers in Dallas, Texas as a Scholar in Residence and Visiting Professor at Dallas Theological Institute where he and wife Inna graduated. Daughters Elisabeth and Shannah attend high school in Dallas.