Introduction to the course

Welcome to the TJCII Online Come and See Classroom! In this online space, you can
find a series of 20 teachings that will cover the basics of the TJCII vision in a
comprehensive way. Each teaching is followed by discussion questions. If you are
taking this course as a group, your leader might choose that these are discussed
together. However, there is also a possibility to post your answers online; first for self-
reflection, but also to enter into dialogue with others.

Many of the teachers have provided materials to accompany the teachings, and these
are also provided. Additional resources are also suggested in some cases.

Please note that these teachings were recorded from our live Zoom gatherings in
June/July 2020, and so the quality of the videos are as such. Nevertheless, the content
of each teaching is excellent, a reflection of the leaders and teachers who joined us in
this project.

Our prayer is that this will be a positive experience for each person who participates,
and great support for each TJCII National Team, Intercessors Group, and/or a small
group that gathers.