Israel at War, #15

February 2nd, 2024 | TJCII Blog

A Country Grieving 

Isaiah 40:1-2 declares: “Comfort and keep comforting my people,” says your God.  “Tell Yerushalayim to take heart; proclaim to her that she has completed her time of service, that her guilt has been paid off, that she has received at the hand of Adonai double for all her sins.”

How do you comfort an entire nation?  Yes, I’m speaking about Israel since October 7, 2023.  No one should minimize the power of this blow to Israel that occurred on October 7th.  Hamas and other Muslim extremist groups revel in October 7th and threaten to repeat it while Israel continues to grieve.  Yes, Israel’s army is fighting hard in Gaza and against Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the Houthis in Yemen as well as Muslim extremists within Israel itself, to say nothing about Iran.

As our friend Rachael B. in Israel stated: “Compounded grief, also known as cumulative grief, occurs when multiple losses pile up.  Israel is experiencing compounded grief. Daily blows to the national psycheare unrelenting. There is no time to heal, very little time to process, no place of escape and meagre resources to provide comfort. Shoulders to cry on are the shoulders of those who are also weeping.”

While the world increasingly condemns Israel for continuing its war against Hamas, the LORD is calling us to ‘comfort’ Israel.  “Take heart Jerusalem.  G0D will yet visit you with shalom (peace) and yeshuat (salvation of) Adonai.” Yeshua (Jesus) means salvation in Hebrew.  He has brought salvation to Israel (and the Nations) for all who trust in Him.

The video below demonstrates the grief of three Holocaust survivors who were forced to relive elements of the Holocaust again.  The video deeply touched my heart since both of my parents were survivors.  Please watch… Marty Waldman

Click here to watch the six minute video.