Israel at War, #1

October 27th, 2023 | TJCII Blog

Dear TJCII Family,

Over the next number of weeks, our TJCII for You will be featuring special weekly updates centered on TJCII’s focus on the war in Israel. Most of the world has been focused on this war in Israel which was savagely initiated by the terror organization known as Hamas. In Psalm 73:6 the Hebrew word Hamas is translated into English as violence. (So, for them, pride is a necklace; and violence clothes them like a robe. Their eyes peep out through folds of fat; evil thoughts overflow from their hearts. They scoff and speak with malice; they loftily utter threats. They set their mouths against heaven; their tongues swagger through the earth. Ps.73:6-9)

All over the earth violent pro-Hamas demonstrations have taken place. I absolutely believe these demonstrations have been orchestrated to strike fear into the hearts of people and nations. For several years I have been telling friends and ministry leaders that a new evil has been loosed in the world. Most people agreed and could feel a shift in the atmosphere. Nowhere on earth at this moment is this evil more evident than in Israel. Decades ago, a Jewish Bible teacher taught me a serious lesson: “If you want to know about the nearness of Yeshua’s return then keep your eyes on Israel.” That lesson is still true today!

The following video is presented by Asher Intrater, president of Tikkun Global Ministries which is headquartered in Israel. Asher is a long-time dear friend of mine and of TJCII. Had we not canceled the TJCII Jerusalem Summit, which was to take place this past week, Asher and I would have been the Summit’s opening speakers. But we were surprised by the fiendish and murderous attack on Israel by Hamas. The terror perpetrated by Hamas has not been seen since ISIS. Even leaders in Israel are comparing this horrific assault on civilians in Israel with Hitler’s Naziism and the Holocaust. Asher makes clear that this darkness is not about land or territory – it is the darkness of pure evil directed by the evil one who is the enemy of G0D’s people. Please watch and listen…