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International Leadership Council (ILC) Meeting in Jerusalem

International Leadership Council (ILC) Meeting in Jerusalem
October 8, 2018 dominick

The annual International Leadership Council (ILC) meeting this year in Jerusalem will be important and challenging. The more we recognize that the TJCII vision and its realization, by God’s grace, are a long-term endeavor, the more we understand the need to prepare the next generation of servants to carry on the work of TJCII.
This year will be the first time that some younger leaders have been invited to attend the ILC meetings and younger people to participate in the intercession before and during the ILC meeting.
A major issue that will undoubtedly come up in the week-long discussions is what our response and stance would be regarding the current crisis that is going on within the Catholic Church.  We have a responsibility to clarify and articulate TJCII’s position since there are members of the Catholic Church who participate in the TJCII vision.
A heated debate is currently going on in Israel regarding the affiliation of some of the TJCII leaders and supporters with the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation). This has to do with the restoration of the apostolic and prophetic ministries in the Messianic Jewish Body. The implications of such a connection on the local Messianic Body has influenced the way some local leaders regard TJCII.
While these are difficult and challenging issues, it is necessary to address them for the restructuring and aligning of the Body of Messiah both locally and universally in order for a second council to take place in Jerusalem.

It is such a privilege to be part of this important prophetic work of the Holy Spirit.  Let us then pray for wisdom, patience and humility for the ILC to proceed in a way that is fruitful for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

By: Eyal Friedman

Eyal is a native-born Israeli.  He comes from a secular Jewish family.  He came to a living faith in Yeshua the Messiah in 2001.  He has been part of the TJCII family since 2004.  Eyal is one of the leaders of the young people of the NOW Generation of TJCII in Jerusalem and Europe since 2009.





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