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TJCII Intercessors

The whole calling of TJCII is a profoundly spiritual task.  If you’re an intercessor, you’ll quickly understand why intercession is the heart and soul of TJCII.  Oswald Chambers wrote, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work. Prayer is the greater work.”

As TJCII Intercessors, we learned – the hard way – how crucial and foundational intercessory prayer is to the work of TJCII.  We have no illusions about who is carrying the heavy load for TJCII; it’s the intercessors!

Intercession is an intense form of prayer wherein the intercessors identify closely with those for whom they intercede.

Intercession has authority because it moves God.  Messianic Jewish Rabbi Dan Juster wrote: “God has determined prayer as the means through which he will work in the world – not because he is reluctant to act, but because he has promoted us to be the channels of his work.”

Two areas that distinguish TJCII intercession are: the radical and worldwide nature of our calling and the necessity to put aside denominational differences in order to pray as one body of Messiah.

Scores of TJCII intercessors around the world intercede for reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles.  We pray for the healing and restoration of Christians and Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus), especially the whole Messianic Jewish movement.  And, we pray for a second Council of Jerusalem in preparation for the return of Yeshua to earth. We cover the TJCII leadership and initiatives.

And then there are those who pray for the intercessors; multiple layers of people praying for each other. A mysterious bond is created among the intercessors that reminds us of the Father’s heart for unity and thereby reflects our mission statement: “Uniting Jews and Gentiles for Yeshua’s Return.”

The radical vision of TJCII calls on the worldwide Church to reverse the way they have treated Jewish believers in Yeshua throughout most of Christian history.

Such a vision calls forth deep opposition that expresses itself in many ways; the deepest stronghold being spiritual that comes from the powers of darkness who teach that God has rejected the Jewish people.

It took the TJCII leaders several years to understand the full significance of intercession to our work.  In the early years there were people praying for TJCII and, in 1998-99, prayer teams accompanied the executive members on journeys to sites of great historical significance.  But there was no regular organized intercession.  The depth of the spiritual opposition to the TJCII vision became much clearer from 1999-2000.  As a result, we focused on developing a strong international intercessory base.

David and Raquel Pyles of Dallas, Texas were asked to lead this initiative. Since then, TJCII intercessory groups have been established throughout the United States; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; the Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany and many other countries.

In fact, at the time of this writing, we have just received word that a group of 150 intercessors from Brazil have formed to regularly pray for the vision and work of TJCII. We continue to be amazed as we learn of groups that have spontaneously formed to pray for TJCII and become a part of the world-wide community of TJCII Intercessors.

During all Executive meetings, regional council meetings and at every consultation held to promote the TJCII vision, we have intercessors on site or nearby covering the participants in intercession.  Our reliance on our intercessors grows as TJCII’s work and influence expands.