TJCII Formation Course

This program brings a globally diverse group of people together to share in the experience of living together while learning more about the depth and long-term vision of TJCII.

The teachings include Jewish and Christian history, the nature of Messianic Judaism and Christian denominations, the error of replacement theology and its tragic consequences, reconciliation, and unity through the spiritual work of TJCII.

In addition to in depth teachings, the Formation Course includes common prayer and worship, wonderful fellowship and sharing. It also incorporates trip to a European Holocaust concentration camp to pray into and understand the consequences of anti-Semitism, while at the same time meeting the TJCII team of that country.

At the end of the course, the participants develop and participate in a TJCII related outreach. Those interested should speak with their national leaders. We invite you also to consider sponsoring a student to be trained through this TJCII Formation Course.

TJCII Live Courses

The Formation Center periodically offers live training centered on the core vision to deepen learning and understanding of the different facets of the TJCII vision and mission. We suggest taking the online Come and See Course before taking the live courses. To see if there are current live courses available and to inquire about registration please reach out to our team!

Online Educational Opportunities/Classes/Courses

The Formation Center offers two in depth online courses that will introduce you to the TJCII vision as well as expand your understanding of the grassroots work being done globally to bring reconciliation and unity to the Body of Messiah.

Come and See Course

The TJCII Come and See Course was birthed in 2020, and this pilot Come and See course was attended by over 230 people from 29 nations. This course is facilitated by the Formation Center Team with teachings by members of TJCII’s International Leadership Council. If you have already done the 7 Day Challenge, this is an excellent way to extend your learning and become an active partner in restoring unity in the Body of Messiah.

Restoring Unity
Restoring Unity is a course led by Father Peter Hocken, may his memory be a blessing. This course mines the complicated and beautiful nature of unity and reconciliation.

Have a question or are interested in taking a class? Contact us here.