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Brazil Update July 2015

Dear TJCII Friends,

Most of you will be familiar with the historical and very moving meeting that took place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in February 2013, when Father Peter Hocken and Johannes Fichtenbauer made a very moving confession for the Inquisition before the largest Messianic Marrano congregation in Brazil. This video can be seen on the TJCII Website in the South America section.

Discovering the Jewish roots of Brazil is still something relatively new, as this aspect of history was not taught here. Yet Brazil was discovered in the year 1500 (just 4 years after the Jews were expelled from Portugal), by the explorer Cabral who was born in the Jewish city of Belmonte, Portugal. The Jews at that time were fleeing from the Inquisition which left deep wounds in Jewish hearts, just at the time that the white man came to South America from Spain and Portugal. The first Jewish synagogue of the Western Hemisphere was built in Recife, Brazil in 1636, and 24 of these Jews later fled to the Dutch colony of New York and settled there. There are estimates that a large number of Brazilians have Jewish roots in their family history. This is a story that needs healing.

As one of the largest Catholic countries in the world, we felt led to invite Johannes and his wife Christi to return to Brazil September 1st – 16th to speak especially to Catholic groups about Replacement Theology, the history and suffering of the Marrano Jews and the importance and challenge of the One New Man in light of the Messianic movement.

In addition they will again be visiting the Messianic congregation of Marcelo Guimaraes in Belo Horizonte, just in time for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and will be participating when the shofar is prophetically blown to signal new beginnings. Johannes will also be speaking to the large group of TJCII Intercessors there, with Sister Adola organizing these meetings and coordinating the logistical part of the trip as well as traveling with them as guide. In addition, they will be going to the famous Iguazu Waterfalls and to the ruins of one of the old Jesuit Missions just over the border in Argentina. We hope to have a time of prayer and repentance there, where so many Guarani Indians were massacred in the 18th century.

We would like to ask for your prayers for this important time of teaching, relationships, for healing and times of ministering. The times and dates of the meetings are still being finalized so we will give more details later. However, you can see below the plans we have for now.

We are encountering spiritual battles as well, as some of the churches have good relationships with the traditional Jews, and have resisted talking so openly about Messianic Jews. This is a 2,000 year battle, and as TJCII supporters, we must stand with our Messianic brothers.   We really thank you so much for your prayers!