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An Episcopal Priest Supports the 7 Affirmations

An Episcopal Priest Supports the 7 Affirmations
July 14, 2018 TJCII


Toward Jerusalem Council II is an initiative of reconciliation within the Body of Christ (Messiah) between Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua and an expression of alignment between Israel and the Nations described by Paul as “the Olive Tree” in Romans 9-11 and as “the One New Man” in Ephesians 2. 

Both the Messianic Jewish Body and the Gentile Church are icons of Israel and the nations.  God’s work of restoration and reconciliation will begin there and then flow out to the larger societies of Israel and the Nations.  This work of restoration takes on the form of alignment: of the Nations coming into right relationship with Israel in a posture of blessing rather than cursing. 

This expression of alignment between the Messianic Jewish Body and the Gentile Church is captured in the Seven Affirmations of Toward Jerusalem Council II.  What does it look like for the different streams of the Church to move from indifference or hostility toward Israel to blessing Israel? The Seven Affirmations are a tangible beginning of a new relationship toward the Messianic Body by a particular Church denomination or by regional bodies or even a local congregation.  The affirmation can be made at any level where there is a heartfelt desire by the church to walk with the Messianic Jewish Body in a new and concrete relationship. The Seven Affirmations are found on the TJCII website at  They affirm the following:

1. God’s irrevocable call to Israel and its unique destiny. 

2. The affirmation of Jewish identity in the Messiah and the desire to honor that identity rather than expect Jews to take on Gentile identity to become followers of the Messiah.  

3. The affirmation of forming Messianic Jewish congregations but also honoring Messianic Jews who choose to become part of Gentile Church bodies. 

4. A willingness and active desire to build bridges from your denomination, regional body or local congregation to the Messianic Jewish Body. 

5. A willingness to share your financial and people resources with the Messianic Jewish Body.   

6. A willingness to be a voice within our own spheres of influence against anti-Semitism, replacement theology and teaching that precludes the expression of Jewish identity in Jesus. 

7. The desire to specifically glorify God by working for God’s Kingdom through Jewish and Gentile expressions of life in Jesus growing side by side as an expression of the original Abrahamic blessing to the nations.

I encourage you to visit our website at to view The Seven Affirmations and share them with your national, regional or local body as a tangible expression of alignment with Israel.

by The Reverend Canon Brian Cox


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