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John Dawson

John Dawson

A native of New Zealand, John Dawson and his wife, Julie operate out of several locations around the world. They have four children and four grandchildren.

John is a well-loved leader in the international church who helps to give oversight to several key networks.

John served as Founder/Director of Youth With A Mission-Los Angeles until appointed the organization’s International Director of Urban Missions, a network of around 3,200 full-time evangelism and social service personnel working in the 300+ world-class cities in over 100 countries.  In 1997 this responsibility was delegated to a new director.  Since September 2003, John has served as the International President with Youth With A Mission, giving direction to our seventeen thousand staff from over 200 nations working in nearly all the world’s countries and territories.

In 1990, John founded the International Reconciliation Coalition; a network of Christian leaders dedicated to healing wounds between people groups and elements of society.  Beginning with Native American and African American issues, the coalition has quickly become a global network, dealing with the wounds of many nations.

Along with his 400,000 copy best-seller Taking Our Cities for God, John has written a highly acclaimed book Healing America’s Wounds followed by Three Nations at the Crossroads, dealing with the issue of national identity facing Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  More recently, he has written What Christians should know about Reconciliation, a brief guide for the reconciliation movement.

The environment of one of America’s most troubled cities, has served as the backdrop for John’s books.  Answers forged authentically while living in a multi-ethic inner city neighborhood, have made John a respected leader among Native Americans, Asians, African-Americans and Latins as well as a bridge to mainstream Jewish and European-Americans

John has founded and taught in schools specializing in several subjects and now serves on the Board of Regents of the University of the Nations.  His books and study guides are used around the world in the degree programs of universities, seminaries and Bible schools.

More than anything else, John is known as a communicator.  He has addressed stadium rallies in places as diverse as Hong Kong, Natal, New South Wales and Holland, as well as huge outdoor festivals and the massive men’s gatherings of the Promise Keepers movement.