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40,000 Membership Church Endorses the 7 Affirmations

40,000 Membership Church Endorses the 7 Affirmations
July 23, 2018 TJCII


Gateway Church is a multi-campus congregation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area founded by Robert Morris in 2000, with a current active membership over 40,000.

Pastor Robert established Gateway Church on the conviction that the Gospel is “to the Jew first” (Rom 1:16).  We believe this was not only a historical priority, but is a present priority knowing God’s covenantal faithfulness to Israel and the apostolic pattern in the Book of Acts. 

We encourage other pastors and leaders to prayerfully consider applying “to the Jew first” in their context or missions’ strategy. We also encourage churches to make it a goal to set aside a tithe of the tithe (1%) for the Messianic Jewish community and Jewish outreach.  Jesus said that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Mt. 6:21 NIV). Hearts follow where treasure is sown.

We also encourage pastors and leaders to sign and endorse the “Seven Affirmations of Toward Jerusalem Council II (TJCII).” Our Gateway Church eldership has signed it as has our leadership at The King’s University (TKU) at Gateway. TKU was founded by Pastor Jack Hayford and is an accredited educational institution also offering a Bachelor’s, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry in Messianic Jewish Studies.

We know of no better document than the “Seven Affirmation of TJCII” for Gentile Christians to affirm the Messianic Jewish community and God’s restoration among them.

We believe TJCII is a key instrument in God’s hands to help Gentile believers reconnect to Israel and the Messianic Jewish community.

by Wayne Wilks, Jr.


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